build your own digital writing system in notion in 1 hour

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Ready to learn how to use Notion to create a writing system that will help you write consistently & never run out of ideas?

Download the Ultimate Guide to learn how to build your own Writer's Hub OS in Notion in 1 hour!

This is a proven Effortless Idea To Published Content Writing System for side hustlers & part-time solopreneurs embracing Slow Productivity to transform their hobby into a sustainable side hustle.

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    CK's guide to creating a digital writing system in Notion is amazing!! It helped me go from very unorganized content creator to having a system in place that I can easily drop in ideas and see on the calendar what's next.

    It's been so helpful to have a central source of truth and it keeps me focused on creating content not managing it.


    What you'll get:

    Instant access to the Ultimate Guide on How To Create A Digital Writing System In Notion delivered straight to your inbox.

    In 1 hour, you'll learn step-by-step exactly everything you need to know to get started in Notion to create your own Writer's Hub OS writing system to up your content creation and digital writing game.


    • Crash course on Slow Productivity & being a digital writer

    • Why you need a Writer's Hub OS as a solopreneur & side hustler

    • 5-step Framework for building your own Writer's Hub OS in Notion

    • BONUS: Notion best practices

    Who is it for?

    Anyone who's experienced these problems:

    • You're a new online writer or part time solopreneur who is new to Notion

    • You have very little time, attention & energy for your side hustle

    • You feel you lack an organised idea capture & management system. Your notes & ideas are all over the place & hard to find.

    • You feel Notion has a steep learning curve and struggle to get started effectively to help you with your writing ideas & content creation.

    • You want to organise all your content in an all-in-one writing system (e.g. Newsletter, Twitter content, blog posts, LinkedIn posts) struggle to figure out how.

    • You find your Notion system has fallen into disarray with a complex web of databases & pages of ideas.

    • You're hungry to master the basics of Notion so that you can learn to build your own Writer’s Hub OS step-by-step.

    • You find writing online stressful as you're always starting with a blank page.